Christmas Memes Worth Writing About

Ah yes! ‘Tis the season! Christmas! A season of Christian love and celebration!

And the annual Meme Pandemic championing something most people don’t give five minutes’ thought between January 1 and November 30. The pedantic Christmas Meme Force spreads across social media like a contagious virus.

And though they are, for the most part, ridiculous, some are memes worth writing about.

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

jesusExcept he isn’t. It’s widely accepted by scholars and clergy alike that Jesus was not born in a winter month let alone on December 25. The short history: the date was set by the Roman church, in the 4th century, to appeal to pagans. Saturnalia was a popular pagan holiday that celebrated the Roman god Saturn and the coming return of light. Every decoration from evergreen wreaths to gold and silver trees is pagan (and even mentioned in the Old Testament, Jeremiah 10: 1-5, written 600 years before Christ). Although the church tried to stamp out the pagan practices, they not only continued but flourished well into the Middle Ages with Yuletide and the Norse god Odin. Eventually, the various pagan winter festival traditions were tossed into one melting-pot that most of today’s Christians believe (mistakenly) is uniquely and exclusively about the birth of Jesus.

Put Christ Back In Christmaschrist

See above.


Stop The War On Christmas!

War-On-ChristmasFace it. If there’s a War on Christmas it’s even less effective than Reagan’s War on Drugs. In fact, it’s not even real.

The New York Times published a worthwhile read entitled How the ‘War on Christmas’ Controversy Was Created. Most of it’s a no-brainer. Unless the majority of America’s 120 million self-identifying Christians can say they have been terrorized or jailed for observing Christmas, you don’t really even have to do any research to realize how dumb this conspiracy theory is.

This Person Says Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays, So Get Over It!


This one is such a beautiful sentiment. When I first saw it I couldn’t help but feel the warm glow of the joy to the world season of peace and goodwill on earth.

And of course, there’s the beautiful art of . . . .

Santa Kneeling Before The Baby Jesus In The Manger

kneelBecause nothing validates Jesus on Christmas like a beloved mythological being!

It’s almost too silly to address. Or maybe it’s almost too sacred to address. Who but a cold-hearted child-hater would say anything against the Big Guy Santa? Who but a devil-inspired atheist would say anything against Baby Jesus in a manger? Put them together and you’ve practically started a new religion.

But okay, maybe that’s a little mean. Maybe I’m taking it too seriously and if I am then I admit that taking it seriously is in itself ridiculous. I get it. Art is often symbolic. Metaphorical. An interpretive representation of a literal person, place, or thing — in this case the “thing” is a message. The message here, I suppose, is that even commercial Santa recognizes that our Christmas has thrown the baby out with the bath bombs, on sale now at for just $19.95 plus shipping!


You might also enjoy reading Rev. Mark Sandlin’s War on Christmas? Sign This Minister Up.

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